Friday, 25 March 2011

I have a confession..... make. Oh yes.

I have many works in progress, some of which I'm excited about, and some of which I have fallen a little out of love with.

What's worse is that if I got them all together in one spot, I fear that the pile of works in progress would be larger than the pile of finished items.

So....I'll begin by bringing another WIP out of the closet and into the open. This is actually the one I am most excited about right now. It's a pattern from Oh, Fransson!, a blog which has become a much loved member of my google reader family. Bike Boy and I liked it so much after I began to sew, that I decided to add extra width by piecing more strips so it will fit the bed width ways with a generous overhang on each side. No cold toes for us!

I'm super excited about the colours and the prints I've used (although still not stoked about my photography).  I can't claim to have put the fabrics together from scratch myself though. Oh no, I'm not quite that clever.

My fabulous starting point was a bundle from Backstitch, who carry a relatively small number of really well chosen fabrics and patterns. Take a look at the bundles available and you'll see why I can't visit the site without busting out the debit card! They also have a blog, by the way.

I was careful not to include my favourite fabrics at the top or bottom, as advised in the pattern, but couldn't shake the feeling that it would be a shame to square it off.....

....after piecing it, though, I found this post from Jaybird Quilts. Hurrah!! And after a bit more searching, I also found this, which may just prevent me from making a hash of it. I will definitely be binding it as it is, waves and all!

You can browse many more interpretations of the New Wave pattern, and many more Oh, Fransson! inspired beauties here.


  1. This is such a pretty and interesting pattern, and I love the color palette you've chosen!

  2. Thanks Lisa - I just checked out your blog - and WOW! You really do have a lot of talent there. I think we should be friends. :-)

  3. Thanks Carolyn, i hope to get some work done on it soon and post more pictures in better light.

  4. Aha! Found you. Glad to see someone else admitting to a pile of unfinished projects higher than a small mountain. I really enjoyed sewing a new wave quilt, too.

  5. The color progression you made is very lovely. I made this quilt too!

  6. Oh my I really like it big. The colors are great too.


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