Monday, 18 June 2012

Oops I did it again....

Another season, another swap. I couldn't resist joining in with this one. It's Brit Quilt Round 3, and it is simple but good: we will be making mini quilts for secret partners. So if you're a Brit (or live in Britain), go jump on the bandwagon.  Whoop! Here's my inspiration mosaic.

1. Rainbow Spools Rack, closer, 2. My Precious Quilt Along Progress, 3. Latest idea,
4. FWA - Soulsister of Lyrics on Hexies (PTS7), 5. Mouthy Stitches 3/4" HST panel,
6. FTLOS - Mini Quilt, 7. Robert Kaufman No Prints Allowed Kona Challenge,
8. Cutting Edge Quilt, 9. Jubilee Jamboree Harlequin, 10. Birds of a Feather ~ quilt,
11. MQ for STUD swap (1), 12. Paper pieced sewing machine, 13. fmf wall art,
14. mini finished, 15. Rainbow Compass Mini Quilt: Front,
16. New York Beauty Mini Quilt 1

I think there are some real lovelies in there - the paper pieced sewing machine takes the cake! For bucketloads of inspiring mosaics take a look at the Flikr pool.


  1. Pretty mosaic! I am really excited about this round :)

  2. Oooo I love your rainbow mosaic!

  3. Great mosaic. Hope that the impending move is going well.

  4. You just can't help yourself can you ;)

    Those are amazing - my favourite is the Birds of a Feather one. Look forward to seeing what you get given!

  5. Love your mosaic. I had decided not to do any more swaps for a while but now I'm very tempted :)

  6. Hi from a fellow swapee! Fabulous mosaic.


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