Monday, 9 July 2012

Tiny Hexies - testing Blogsy for iPad

Plans for the Brit Quilt Swap are taking shape. In fact, I have made about half of the tiny hexies I'm planning to include - if, of course, my partner is happy with them.

I plan to make the entire quilt top with these tiny hexies. They are one inch across the longest part. If my partner likes the plans, I'll have a row of hexies in kona snow between the coloured rows, and then bulk out the gaps at each end with more snowy hexies to make it rectangular. Whaddyathink?

There is something rather soothing about making hexies. And I need that sort of activity at the moment, given that our moving date is rapidly approaching (now less than a week away)!

I'm hoping that things work out between Blogsy and me, because it's hard to know whether our internet connection will work straight away or not.

If I get swallowed whole by the process of leaving work, packing up, and leaving the country, I'll see you on the other side!


  1. The hexies look great so far, Ruth. Good luck with the move!

  2. Love the hexies! And good luck with the move and settling in on the other side. I am sure it will all go well and then maybe the sun will shine in Sweden and you can have a little bit of summer there.

  3. I love these hexies and can't wait to see your mini! Good luck with the move :)

  4. Mmmmm yum! I am not a huge hexie fan, but I live live live the tiny ones!

  5. Gorgeous, what a lucky partner you have! Good luck with the move too.

  6. Wow thats a load of hexies. Is there a noun for that many? Like a sexy of hexies?
    Errr sorry got sidetracked. This is looking fab!

  7. good luck with your move!, seeyou on the other side, so to speak!

  8. Hi Ruth, I thought I'd just stop by to say I hope everything is going well with you and you still have time to sew sometines, Janine x


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